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4 Tips for Preventing Household Fires

00000AF2B02XOctober serves as National Fire Prevention Month, which means it’s a good time to make sure you’re doing your best to help prevent fires in your home and in other areas of your daily life. One of the most dangerous forms of a surprise fire is a house fire, as it not only put your belongings but also your family and neighbors at risk. While it may seem like these fires are uncontrollable, there are often a few areas and situations, which can dramatically reduce the chance of a fire in your home, as long as you manage to avoid them. Here are four ways to help reduce the chance of a household fire. Continue reading 4 Tips for Preventing Household Fires

Top Five Preparation Tools for Plane Travel

jets-on-the-tarmacWhile it might make sense to prepare for an emergency at your home or at work, it might also behoove you to consider preparing in the case of travel, especially travel by plane. It’s easy enough to throw your bug-out-bag in the back of your car if you’re going on a road trip, but most typical items people would include in their luggage won’t make it past airport security. However, with a bit of cleaver thinking you can still be prepared for an emergency either at your destination or in case of an emergency landing. Here are the top items you should consider including in your carry-on luggage. Continue reading Top Five Preparation Tools for Plane Travel