Ways to Thank First Responders

SR792BF12F010As the holiday season quickly approaches, remember to thank those who perform necessary but often under-appreciated jobs. First responders are known to have one of the most straining jobs, taking a toll on the responder’s moral. Giving thanks is a great way to show first responders how much you care about their work for the community. Even a small amount of gratitude can help these responders through a difficult time and push them into a positive state of mind. Continue reading Ways to Thank First Responders

Things Law Enforcement Officers Want You To Know

Law enforcement is one of the most difficult, but rewarding careers out there. As civilians, we can help make officers’ jobs and lives easier. With the hard work law enforcement officers put in to keep the community safe, please consider the following things.

SP403AF07X388Buckle Up Your Kids

Seat belts constantly save lives and help prevent unwanted tragedies. Remember to buckle up to protect yourself and others from tragic collisions that may occur. Buckling up can also save you an unwanted ticket.

Move Over 00000AF03T048

Forty-nine U.S. states have passed move over laws, which were promoted in response to increasing roadside fatalities in the line of duty. This law requires drivers, upon noticing either emergency vehicle with sires and/or flashing lights to move away from the vehicle by one lane. Additionally, moving over can capture the attention of less attentive drivers and influence them to follow your lead.

Horiz_Camera-300x2372Be respectful

Remember to always be respectful to officers. An officer’s job is hard enough as it is without having someone trying to belittle or derail the officer. Officers are aware of the rights civilians have and will act accordingly to those rights.

While there are many things we can do to make officers jobs easier. These serve as few key examples officers wish civilians were more informed about. Consider these, and think about other ways to make officer’s lives easier.

Things You Might Not Know About Firefighters

00000AF02G274Often people have preconceptions about who firefighters are and what goes into their work. Many assume that firefighters are simply heroes that show up to put out fires, but don’t typically know much about them. There are many things that firefighters might want civilians to know about their line of work that most simply aren’t aware of. Here are a few things you might not be aware of about firefighters, which will hopefully help showcase not only the heroic efforts of these men and women, but the diligence and dedication that goes into their jobs. Continue reading Things You Might Not Know About Firefighters

Keeping a Clear Mind as a Firefighter

00000AF01T003Firefighting is listed as the most stressful job of 2015, and managed to get third place in 2014, according to careercast.com. This is very easy to imagine, given the incredibly stressful situations firefighters put themselves in when they’re called to act in a moment’s notice, responsible for not only their own lives but the lives of others as well. Keeping a clear mind is not only important, but essential to doing the job as a firefighter. Here are a few tips that might help keep your head clear. Continue reading Keeping a Clear Mind as a Firefighter

Tips for Handling Stress in Law Enforcement

SG928AF15K4001Working as a law enforcement officer can certainly be a satisfying and rewarding job. However, it can just as easily be a stressful one. Working in law enforcement places a lot of responsibility and burdens on one’s shoulders, and sometimes it’s hard to remember that we are only human and sometimes need to take care of ourselves as well. While there’s no surefire way to eliminate stress in the workplace or reduce job fatigue, here are a few tips for helping to handle and reduce the stress you might face while on the job. Continue reading Tips for Handling Stress in Law Enforcement

Changes to Flame-Resistant Work Apparel

2015-10-20-EMCOLDER-H2-300x1441As of 2015, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration passed new rules for employees regarding open flame hazards. While before this change it was only recommended that your body be fully covered with flame-resistant clothing in the work place, this new regulation requires that those whose workplaces meet certain requirements, which an employer must check, must have 100% full body coverage for their employees. We’ll detail how these changes might apply to you. Continue reading Changes to Flame-Resistant Work Apparel

History of Firefighters

photo_8172_20081204-300x2001Firefighters have a long and colorful history, with many of the most famous figures in Western history playing a big role in forming the firefighting profession we know today. By understanding where professional firefighting originated we can appreciate it not only for saving countless homes and lives, but also for the cultural heritage firefighters have all over the globe. Continue reading History of Firefighters

4 Tips for Preventing Household Fires

00000AF2B02XOctober serves as National Fire Prevention Month, which means it’s a good time to make sure you’re doing your best to help prevent fires in your home and in other areas of your daily life. One of the most dangerous forms of a surprise fire is a house fire, as it not only put your belongings but also your family and neighbors at risk. While it may seem like these fires are uncontrollable, there are often a few areas and situations, which can dramatically reduce the chance of a fire in your home, as long as you manage to avoid them. Here are four ways to help reduce the chance of a household fire. Continue reading 4 Tips for Preventing Household Fires

Top Five Preparation Tools for Plane Travel

jets-on-the-tarmacWhile it might make sense to prepare for an emergency at your home or at work, it might also behoove you to consider preparing in the case of travel, especially travel by plane. It’s easy enough to throw your bug-out-bag in the back of your car if you’re going on a road trip, but most typical items people would include in their luggage won’t make it past airport security. However, with a bit of cleaver thinking you can still be prepared for an emergency either at your destination or in case of an emergency landing. Here are the top items you should consider including in your carry-on luggage. Continue reading Top Five Preparation Tools for Plane Travel

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